Het Reevediep - Kampen (NL)

The assignment was to design a new village or neighborhood for Kampen. Kampen is a small city next to the former "Zuiderzee", located in the East part of The Netherlands. "Het Reevediep" is an old flow channel of the IJssel river, it will be reopened to protect the city of Kampen in the future for flooding.  This created an opportunity for expanding the city next to a new water channel.  

The concept is to redevelop the former Kampen Island, the center will be a harbor village. This village will be built on an island and a so called Climate Dyke. The dykes will support the Island experience . The channels and tree-lined lanes will follow the old structure of the old farm lots. On the island there will be build three main buildings, based on the old buildings of Kampen and other former Zuiderzee villages/cities.


The island is located in a big pond, which is connected with the Veluwe lake due to a lock and a channel on the backside which flows to the city of Kampen. In the middle of the pond is the U-shaped island with three main buildings. Those buildings are used for living, shops and restaurants and for offices. The island has the U-shape, so there can be a harbor in the middle. All the buildings would have with this design a view on the harbor. On the big Climate Dyke, there are build the village houses. Those are bigger plots with a view over the lake, and from their garden a view over the island. All houses have access to their own jetty.  So they could have their boats in the backyard.

Cross sections

Underneath, there can be found the cross sections of the island on the left-side and the climate Dyke on the right-side. It can be seen that in the U-shape is be used as a harbor. On the outer side, the bigger and classic ships can be moored. The climate Dyke has a long shape with a bigger height on the front side at the Veluwe lake. The house overviews both sides, the floor can be used as a garage. The living spaces will be on the second floor, so there will be a view over the dyke on the Veluwe lake.